Following a decompression operation, I experienced 4½ years of back and neck pain and tension headaches. My GP recommended pain-killers and rest, a physiotherapist issued me a padded neck brace which caused more discomfort. I approached the clinic, fully expecting them to turn me away. But after studying x-rays of my skull and neck, we began a course of treatment. The difference it has made to my life cannot be over estimated. My posture has improved and most days are completely pain-free. I can sleep at night and think clearly by day. I wish I had tried this years ago!

K. Chadwick


"I've been seeing Louise now for more years than I care to remember and I couldn't recommend her highly enough - indeed I frequently refer her to my own family and friends! 

With an uncanny knack of quickly getting to the nub of the problem, she has an insight that goes way beyond that of your typical medical professional and its this holistic approach that makes her such a good fit for me. She's my first port of call for niggles large and small and never yet has she let me down - even through a relentless marathon training programme she kept me on the road. 

Louise, you're quite simply a miracle worker - thank you!"

Lisa Innes

Where do I start?
Louise Sasse at Parkwood Chiropractic Clinic is amazing.

I have suffered with neck problems for years but a few visits to Louise and my neck pain has gone.  I return for occasional maintenance visits which help with chronic stress headaches. My quality of life is so much better now.  I look forward to my appointments as if I’m visiting an old friend who I am completely at ease with.  Chiropractic combined with Louise’s caring personality really works.

My husband and sons have also visited Louise for rehabilitation and treatment of their various rugby injuries and they feel the same way.
S. Kinsey

Louise Sasse is my Chiropractor and I always highly recommend her. She has treated me for various problems including a time when I walked into a glass door!  I was in a lot of pain and could not straighten my head, but with just a few treatments I felt well and mobile again.
She has done such a good job in looking after my spine and general mobility that last year with her approval I started to run - just a little once or twice a week, and now a year later I am thrilled to say I have just completed a 5k run!   I am looking forward to competing in more of these events and even thinking of running a longer distance!

One more thing - I am 51!
Julie Parker

Just a word to say thank-you for the treatment I’ve received over a number of years. As a result I am now able to do many every-day things more freely than I ever was before. I am feeling very much stronger and therefore able to play sports comfortably whereas before it was almost impossible

R. Holley